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Descent 36 km 2 days with bivouac

A 36 km canoe trip down the Ardèche over 2 days, with bivouac (ticket not included).
Spend a weekend in the heart of a uniquely preserved natural environment.

Diff. technical:

Diff. physics:

Sailing time: 7h (over 2 days)*.

Number of rapids: 11


2-day canoe trip down the Ardèche with bivouac

The descent in detail

Le Pont d’Arc

Passage under the arch

Total rapids

11 rapids to cross


3 slides to cross

Book your bivouac ticket!

Book your mandatory bivouac ticket (not included) on the Tourist Office website.
Choose between the two bivouacs according to availability.

The 36 km, 2-day canoe trip down the Ardèche with bivouac is the longest itinerary for nature lovers. This two-day adventure takes in the whole of the Ardèche Gorges and nature reserve, with plenty of swimming and waterside breaks, several toboggan runs and one under the Pont d’Arc. The first day includes a night in one of the authorized bivouacs: Gaud and de Gournier.
However, the ticket for the bivouac area is not included.

Descent information

Difficulty: Sportive

Public: Adults and children aged 7 and over

Duration: Approximately 7 hours (over 2 days) (*time given for information only)

Return shuttles: Between 4 and 5 p.m. in Sauze

36 km canoe trip down the Ardèche with bivouac

Arrivals and departures

Departure time: Between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. non-stop

Departure base: Vallon Pont d’Arc landing stage*.

Arrival time: Between 4pm and 5pm

Arrival base: Sauze landing stage (final finish)

* Understanding the departure base

The departure base is that for the descent, given for information purposes only. You must first go to the Itinéraire Passion Pavilion(see access map), from where you will be taken to the corresponding pier.

Discover the Ardèche like never before with Itinéraire Passion! The 2-day, 36 km canoe trip down the Ardèche with bivouac is an exceptional experience that lets you discover the beauty of the Ardèche at your own pace.

Day 1 :

Embark with our experienced team in Vallon Pont d’Arc for a day rich in emotions. Navigate the tumultuous waters and discover breathtaking scenery as you float down the Ardèche, pass over the slides to cross the various dikes and treat yourself to a passage under the majestic Pont d’Arc. At the end of the day, set up camp in the heart of nature and enjoy an evening under the stars.

Day 2 :

After a peaceful night’s bivouac, wake up to the sound of nature and resume your canoeing adventure. You’ll be back on the water in the heart of the nature reserve. Drive the last few kilometers of the Ardèche, discover impressive rock formations and finish your trip in style.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, this 30 km canoe/kayak trip with bivouac is an unforgettable experience. Book now with Itinéraire Passion for a unique adventure, where the wilderness of the Ardèche becomes your playground.

63 Internet prices* *Special Internet adult price for children aged 13 and over up to 9 people.

*Up to 20% immediate discount per person on the adult in-store price.

69 Adult price* *Normal adult price from age 13 in one of our sales outlets.
44 Children's price* *Normal child price from 7 to 12 years old in one of our sales outlets.
62 Group prices* *Normal group price for 10 to 20 people at one of our sales outlets.

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